A blogging reboot

Reading and analysing blogs was my go to whenever I was faced with an obstacle in my life. In a way the blogosphere, though it has educated me on various aspects of life, education and projects, has made be fall back on my creativity. The constant portrayal of all these so called laptop entrepreneurs has made me think that a healthy livelihood can be made by just sitting on the laptop. 

The timing was bad and I was surrounded by a wall that I imagined myself, a wall that prevented me from reaching those goals that were easily reachable, but my low self confidence which was also a fragment of my imagination prevented me from experiencing a little bit of inconvenience. I am not writing this blog for anyone, I am the writer, I am the audience. From now on, this website will be my own therapy and I am very much motivated to blog everyday.

I came across a Ted talk “The science of Happiness”, it was funny how I came across the title from a movie trailer YouTube ad from when I was procrastinating on my assignments and was feeling like absolute shit. I have spent hundreds of hours just wondering why I was not able to experience happiness for an extended period of time. I have misinterpreted that you need to have a tangible product to truly experience happiness.

It was at this stage of self analysis when I recollected people who were far less fortunate than I am but were some of the happiest people I have met. In this Ted Talk, Harvard researcher, Dan Gilbert talked about some personalities who found happiness in the most darkest times,like the guy who was wrongly incarcerated for 37 years; he defines his experiences as being “glorious”.

Humans are the only species who can synthesize happiness. An understanding into this matter can be achieved by studying the science of how our brains work. We do not really have to spend hundreds of hours reading scientific articles.

We can strengthen our ability to synthesize our own happiness by merely writing ten things that we are grateful for the first thing after we get up. It’snot an overnight miracle, but it is a wonderful place to start.