The art of questioning

I came upon this amazing interview from the ‘hardest man’ alive, David Goggins. In my earlier blog, I talked about how motivation is bullshit. That idea was from a speech given by him. Goggins was no stranger to obstacles and discouragement that came from his constant battle with racism and bad self-esteem. Read More

Motivation is bullshit

We get hungry time to time. Hunger is a calling from your body when you haven’t fed it enough. Hunger is also an amazing opportunity that truly lets you enjoy the multitude of flavours on your plate. You need hunger to truly appreciate the fruits of nature from time to time. Hunger inspires you to come up with a variety of new and interesting dishes, hunger gets you closer to those who have excelled in the food industry. But you just can’t stay hungry all the time  Read More

The balance between hard work and soft work

Today was yet again another day when I woke up in the afternoon and I eventually had to gather all of my energy to get off bed. The only reason I did was to make up for my medical appointment; as I made my way to the hospital, I reflected on all the days when my mornings did not start very well but the day turned out to be very good. When I met my therapist, he asked me how I felt today compared to my previous appointment. Read More

A blogging reboot

Reading and analysing blogs was my go to whenever I was faced with an obstacle in my life. In a way the blogosphere, though it has educated me on various aspects of life, education and projects, has made be fall back on my creativity. The constant portrayal of all these so called laptop entrepreneurs has made me think that a healthy livelihood can be made by just sitting on the laptop.  Read More

How To Build Positive Self Esteem

For me, it was either the one or the other; I was either two confident or I was haunted by a multitude of factors that caused dangerously low self esteem. I tried to find a balance, but I was not really willing to put in the effort.

Growing up I was surrounded by people who were beyond average. It didn’t matter to me much before but I found myself having this immense fear of being absolutely average. This fear was so heavy and so bonding I just couldn’t push myself to break the barriers. Have you ever felt that way before? Read More

3 Ways Movies Can Change Your Life

Going to the cinema was a traditional thing in my family. It was mostly during Saturday nights following a good dinner at the local restaurant of which my family were regular patrons since before I was born. My enthusiasm about movies was passed down to me by my dad, sometimes my dad and I would sit up all night talking about movies of all genres, ranging from comedies to romance to world war movies.   Read More

Going offline…

I think it was in the year 2012.

My grades were piss poor, my social anxiety developed an all time high and my insecurities and lack of confidence went through the roof.

It was also around this time when I would call myself a full blown social media addict. I never assumed I had a problem because I did not really spend a great deal of time reflecting on my weaknesses and strengths. I gave up facebook temporarily for about a month or two. I had a bunch of exams that I had to clear and I did NOT intend to come back to college after course to write these exams. I hated my course and I just wanted to be done with it. Read More