The balance between hard work and soft work

Today was yet again another day when I woke up in the afternoon and I eventually had to gather all of my energy to get off bed. The only reason I did was to make up for my medical appointment; as I made my way to the hospital, I reflected on all the days when my mornings did not start very well but the day turned out to be very good. When I met my therapist, he asked me how I felt today compared to my previous appointment.

I had felt slightly better, so I gave my happiness a 15% better rating. What do we do to turn our days better in an instant?, I have gone through various podcasts, blogs and videos that claimed to have the right answers. It is really not the same for everyone; some eat comfort food, some meet friends, some start lifting weights, some just stay in bed and go to sleep a bit longer

Mine was a combination of all. For me, a perfect day is one in which I get exhausted when I go to bed. Whether it is because of a heavy workout, or finishing an assignment., this I refer to as hard work. It is important that I combine the “work” with some activities that keeps my passion and soul alive. The latter kinds of activities, I’d like to refer to as soft work. It could be reading a book, watching an inspirational Ted Talk or just doodling, dancing to yourself, getting a mani pedi.

True fulfilment comes from maintaining the perfect balance between hard work and soft work. Even though watching an inspirational movie might not be perceived as “work” by the average person, I’d beg to differ. Hard work gives a fulfilment that lasts for a short period of time, but it’s soft work that keeps you pushing and makes you want to look forward to the beauty that lies in the day ahead