How To Build Positive Self Esteem

For me, it was either the one or the other; I was either two confident or I was haunted by a multitude of factors that caused dangerously low self esteem. I tried to find a balance, but I was not really willing to put in the effort.

Growing up I was surrounded by people who were beyond average. It didn’t matter to me much before but I found myself having this immense fear of being absolutely average. This fear was so heavy and so bonding I just couldn’t push myself to break the barriers. Have you ever felt that way before? Read More

Going offline…

I think it was in the year 2012.

My grades were piss poor, my social anxiety developed an all time high and my insecurities and lack of confidence went through the roof.

It was also around this time when I would call myself a full blown social media addict. I never assumed I had a problem because I did not really spend a great deal of time reflecting on my weaknesses and strengths. I gave up facebook temporarily for about a month or two. I had a bunch of exams that I had to clear and I did NOT intend to come back to college after course to write these exams. I hated my course and I just wanted to be done with it. Read More

Why are we scared to be different

This new school was everything I wished a school should be like. A big campus, NO BOYS, holding a reputation of being one of the best schools in town, recommended by one of my dad’s most trusted friend. I felt there was nothing that could go awry, but there I was sitting beside a classmate, who could never comprehend the concept of personal space,looking helplessly at the evaluation for my previous day’s homework which was marked with a big red REDO, MEET ME!. So I make my way sheepishly to meet her ever-criticizing bespectacled stare and ask her politely what was it that was wrong about my work. Read More

Why do we feel broken

Have you ever woken up and said to yourself, “I need to get my lazy ass to the gym”, but then you sit through the excruciating pain thinking about all the effort you need to put in to drive all the way, do your warm ups, pick up some weights, do a bunch of sets, hit the cardio, stretch, drive back, shower, straighten up your room, do your chores and then you’re like “Hell naww” and just sign into Netflix instead?

It doesn’t make any sense does it. Read More