Halloween, Christmas and High School – How American TV impacted me.

If anyone asked me ten years ago what was the one thing I wanted, my answer would be to dress in a long flowing glamorous red dress and dance on prom night with my handsome prom date. 

When I think of it now, I could not help but laugh at how ludicrous it was. I grew up watching American teenage dramas and I was obsessed with how carefree and independent those American teenagers were. The idea and their lifestyle were just too good to be true.

I have never stepped out of the house without a big argument with my parents when i try to get their permission to go out. But are you telling me that all these teenagers can have boyfriends and girlfriends and their parents allow it? Why aren’t my parents like that? Why can’t we go trick or treating? Why do we have to wear boring old uniforms?. I cannot begin to express how much the portrayal of a comparatively more liberated culture impacts the mind of newer generations from a more traditional family-centric culture. I had a confusing and long conversation with one of my friends years ago. This person was from a traditional “strict” family and he felt like he was missing out because he hadn’t gotten laid even at 24.

I think there are some things you just cannot change about the community you belong to. So even though I didn’t get to really experience a prom night or have boyfriend dramas (I was from a girl’s school) or celebrated Halloween, I learnt some of the best things from American shows. Some of them include:

You are your own prince Charming, don’t expect anyone to save you.

Don’t settle for being treated less than what you’re worth.

Stand up for yourself and be vocal about it.

Stand up for the small guy who thinks he isn’t good enough.

These shows were the reason that I do not stay silent when I am being treated unfairly. All the things that we see impact our minds in a certain way, as we mature, we will learn to shred the meaningless things and learn what other values are essential.