Motivation is bullshit

We get hungry time to time. Hunger is a calling from your body when you haven’t fed it enough. Hunger is also an amazing opportunity that truly lets you enjoy the multitude of flavours on your plate. You need hunger to truly appreciate the fruits of nature from time to time. Hunger inspires you to come up with a variety of new and interesting dishes, hunger gets you closer to those who have excelled in the food industry. But you just can’t stay hungry all the timeĀ 

Motivation is the same day, it is impossible to find that “high” when you feel like you can move mountains every time. But you need motivation to make that journey towards your goal more beautiful and enjoyable. During the past few months, I have shown, to my misfortune, an unprecedented reliance on “feeling motivated”.

I did rely on motivation before but it was restricted to only few activities. But now, during a time when I’m constantly faced with anxiety and bouts of depression, I see motivation as a drug, without which I couldn’t even get out of my bed.

I needed motivation to get out of bed, I needed motivation to get to the gym, I needed motivation to eat food, I needed motivation to go to class and I needed motivation to do my assignments. In a way, this constant need for motivation makes us procrastinate even more. Isn’t that ironic.

Of course I need to talk about the impact of digital media; I remember the times when I stumble upon an inspiring Ted talk while scrolling on my news feed. It gave me a much needed boost, then I started searching for more related videos and then I relied on podcasts, self help and blog articles. It’s surprising how many hours I have wasted on all these resources when I could have actually done the activity that I thought needed motivation.

The books, the videos have inspired me, yes.. our mind is comparable to a garden, the information that we perceive around us are the seeds. If you read, watch or hear beautiful things, your garden will be filled with beautiful things; if you feed it useless shit, your mind will be filled with useless shit.

These motivational information are essential to give you that much needed boost, but it is important to manage how much you rely on them.

Don’t hope to be “motivated”, hope to be “driven”