Talking to yourself- Why it isn’t crazy and why you should do it often.

When I researched about the effects and causes of talking to yourself, the results I got were mostly related to mental health, disorders, delusions etc.

Really?Is it that bad?

I have travelled in busses, walked on streets, had meals on tables where occasionally I came across someone who would just go on and talk to themselves; of course I was creeped out and ignorant. And I understand why many people would be.

Earlier this year, I was so overwhelmed with loneliness and anxiety that I felt the sanest thing to do at the moment would be to have a heart to heart conversation with myself.

So this is how it went:

Q: Why are you feeling this way?

A: Because I am lonely..

Q: Why are you lonely?

A: Because I just couldn’t find the spirit to go out and socialize

Q: Hah that’s funny… Are you really that scared to make communication with someone new? Really?? Is it that bad that you are ready to torture yourself like this?

A: Well, I guess it’s not that bad.

Q: Then what is it that you fear?

A: I don’t know, I guess I get too carried off thinking what the other person is thinking of me while they are actually talking to me.. Do they think that my clothes look stupid, are they able to notice my pimples too much? Can they tell that I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in months from the raccoon like dark circles that I have?

Q: Okay, I am not telling that they will look at all these flaws, don’t you think that person might also feel the same way? Even if they do focus on your flaws, is it really that bad? What’s the worse that could happen? Are you going to be thrown in jail?

A: I guess not… maybe it’s all just in my head, maybe I will go out and socialize.


I have found that having a conversation with myself in privacy has unleashed a lot of capabilities and wisdom that I never knew I had.

I recently incorporated another strategy to overcome procrastination, I actually took it from an Adam Sandler movie. Don’t really remember the name of the movie. So what I did was to do whatever I am hesitating to do on the count of three.

I have trouble getting up in the morning, so i decided to set up my mind to get up at the count of three… guess what, I succeeded in the first attempt.

An assignment that I was procrastinating on? No problem….1…2…3 I open the computer and set myself ready to focus on my work for the next few hours.

Working out was one of the most challenging things and I had trouble getting motivated to leave the comfort of my home and staying motivated in the gym. I have, on many days, just given up in the middle of the workout session because I just couldn’t keep doing it. It just felt like it was too much effort. Once I started talking myself into completing the sets and the variation, it became so much easier. Whenever I feel like just giving up and going home, I would tell myself the words, “Come on, this is a peace of cake, just one more set……. just one more… just one more and you’re done”.

After that, I have realised that this was an amazing way to keep my stamina and my spirit high till I finish a task.

You don’t have to be loud, you don’t have to sound creepy, you can just repeat all these affirmations and encouragement in your head.

I have read many articles on  affirmations, but most of them tell you to just say those affirmations once or twice a day. I think these self affirmations and conversations should be regular and done as much as possible.

It helps in keeping you grounded to reality, It helps in unleashing your hidden strengths.

Your body can be forced to change due to external factors, but the mind is a magical thing and it can be definitely engineered to our will. This engineering will reflect in the way you speak, your physical strength and your habits.

We are ready to give our friends motivation and a shoulder to cry on, what’s stopping you from doing the same for yourself…

After-all, we are our own cheerleaders