The art of questioning

I came upon this amazing interview from the ‘hardest man’ alive, David Goggins. In my earlier blog, I talked about how motivation is bullshit. That idea was from a speech given by him. Goggins was no stranger to obstacles and discouragement that came from his constant battle with racism and bad self-esteem.

Of all the “inspirational speakers” I have come across, Goggins seemed to be one of the most practical ones. It is words like his that I need to fill my head with to keep going no matter the obstacles. I filled my head with his type of motivation when I was quite active in health and fitness. We always seemed to be making the mistake of blaming the external environment for all our failures.

Is it really because of the bad weather that you could not go to the gym? Is it really because of all the KFC and Dominos commercials that you cannot stick to your diet? Is it really that project that keeps you from getting up from the bed?

These are all the excuses that I have used that stopped me from attaining a major goal. I think it is important to truly unearth and untap our reservoirs of potential. Unearthing anything that is hidden will be made easier if we just know what questions to ask.

So instead of spewing questions out of frustration at everything external to us, maybe we should just engage in a few moments of self-talk and ask ourselves some questions. The answers could hold the potential of turning your life for the better in an instant.

So instead of repeating things like, “Why is my life so less fortunate?”,”Why am I always feeling depressed?”, “Why is no one talking to me?” “Why is my assignment so hard?”, we could ask ourselves “What can I do to make it look better?”, “What is the best way to look at this project?”, “What can I do to make sure that my fridge only contains healthy food?”

If direction and fulfilment is what we need, we need to ask ourselves the right questions, the answers to these questions should involve an action that keeps us away from the things that doesn’t serve any purpose.

My primary school science book said “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed”, …

The nature of your thought can neither be created not be destroyed….. but performing positive actions can definitely transform your thoughts into better ones.